Welcome to Middle Eastern Mezze Cooking Class with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ambassador

If you’re a kid, between the ages of eight and fourteen, and want to get your knife skills on, join our Food Revolution Day, Saturday, May 27 for a morning of Middle Eastern Cooking! We will be creating a vegetarian menu of Mezze! What is Mezze? Small, vibrant first courses of hummus, tabouli, babaganouj, cheeses, and toasted pita. The class is hands on, so bring your favorite apron, some comfortable shoes and be ready to get choppin’ in the professional culinary school kitchen at St. Joseph Center, Venice. Sponsored by Gelson’s!


What is the Food Revolution, and what is an ambassador of the Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver??? Well, Jamie Oliver created a worldwide movement, through social media, to transform the way children experience food. The goal– to teach nutrition and healthy eating by teaching kids how to cook the foods they love! It’s a simple answer to a larger problem. At a time when so many of us are disconnected from where our food comes from and what it is, getting in the kitchen and making food is a very simple way to connect and enjoy food. We believe that knowing how to cook creates a happy, healthier life. And getting kids in the kitchen at a young age is the best time to start their culinary lives!

Ambassadors, such as myself, volunteer our time to create cooking events, panel discussions, cooking classes, cooking demos, and sometimes even food policy. It’s a Food Revolution! Let’s cook!

Date: May 27, 2017

Time: 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM

Where: St. Joseph Culinary Center, 204 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA. 90291

Bring: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring an apron if you have one. Wear a chefs coat if you have one! And bring a favorite knife, if you have one.

Parents: Feel free to leave your children or relax on the outside patio.

Donations: Write a check to St. Joseph Culinary Training Program, if you are feeling generous. All proceeds go to creating a cookbook library for the Culinary Training Program–CTP*

BOOKING! (310)866-7685 and email stovetopped@mac.com 

Limited seats!

*CTP is the only non-profit culinary school in the United States with the goal of changing the lives of those in need of a better future.


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